3 Keys to Ensure Your Virtual Assistant Business Puts Your Life First, Work Second

(even if you’re nowhere close, are terrified it’ll lose you clients, or swear it’s freakin’ impossible as a VA)

You didn’t start your business to recreate a 24/7 corporate cubicle lifestyle.

Duplicate my 3 simple but wildly impactful processes to grow your bank account while working less.

That way, you go from burnt-out baby to balanced baddie — without needing to launch a course or hire a team (unless that’s your jam).

If all your clients are happy, but (oops) you aren’t — lady, that’s a problem!

Put your sanity first, and use this free training to learn…

  • the secrets 7-figure CEOs use to get 3x done in half the time (they work for 4, 5 and 6-figure VAs, too!)
  • how to enjoy WAY more of your one precious life — without pissing off your clients or invoicing less
  • the Ideal Calendar approach to time management that the world deems ass-backwards (but it’ll get you showing up to every soccer game WITHOUT being attached to your phone)
  • Sara’s high-converting trick she uses to close 90% of discovery calls (and it’s not sketchy or unethical)
  • 3 keys to unglue yourself from the laptop for a dang second, and grow a Life-First Business® instead

PLUS a LIVE Q&A with Sara at the end!

Drop your burning Qs and I’ll help you work through what’s preventing you from building your Life-First Business®.

I’m Sara Wiles

Founder + CEO of The Start and Grow Co., the industry-leading Virtual Assistant training company, and highly-sought business mentor.

I work an average of 20 hours or less per week, running a Life-First Business® that pays me handsomely, but my story didn’t start that way.

I opened my Virtual Assisting business back in 2017 so I could live life on my terms with my 16-month son at home and replace my corporate income working from home, part-time.

The business grew FAST. Within months, I had a team of 8 VAs underneath me and the $10k+ months VAs daydream about. Wanna know what else I had? Lots of trips to the therapist’s office, almost daily anxiety attacks, and a whole lotta working until 2AM. That present mama I had dreams of becoming? She was a distant memory.

Before I knew it, I was a burnt out, overworked client-pleaser and wondering why I became an entrepreneur.

That’s when I started deprogramming myself from the corporate, self-sacrifice mindset I thought was the only way to be successful. I burned my business to the ground. Then got back to building… but this time, with a new framework. I coined the term Life-First Business® and I’m going to teach you everything I know about creating a business that truly works for your one wild and precious life.

Life-First Business®


a business that prioritizes your desires first, then fills the rest of the time with work — not the other way around. And no, you won’t make any less money. In fact you’ll make more.

Whether you’re a veteran VA or a newbie

If you’re slammed with excessive Vox messages from your client (who’s still paying your old rate from circa 2020) or…

last minute “hey can you make a landing page by Friday? I decided I’m running a retreat next month!” requests 🙄

have got you livin’ the vida loca instead of…

livin’ the Pura Vida while you push off that surf trip AGAIN — promise me you’ll get your tush into class STAT.

You, busy bee, are more than your business.
Your work can and should support all your desires.

I am now able to bring in 4-figures each month for our family working only 10-12 hours for clients each week on MY terms.